You’re an Armed Lady…Now What?

Important Things to Consider When Choosing to Arm Yourself

by: Elizabeth Finch

There are many things that a woman must consider when she makes the decision to arm herself. The choice to carry is accompanied by a great amount of responsibility. It is also a choice which leads to a number of other issues to consider, especially as a female.
Now that you have entered the world of firearms and self-defense, you are likely asking yourself many of the same questions that commonly arise among women. As we address a few of these, it’s most important to remember that there’s not always just one right answer. The important thing is that you ask the questions and address these issues with yourself and closely consider your options and how they best apply to your life and your circumstances.
First, the most important question when choosing to arm yourself is, are you mentally and emotionally prepared to pull the trigger and take the life of another in defense of your own or that of your family? This is something that must be addressed first and foremost. It requires some soul-searching and your conclusion should determine whether or not you carry at all.

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