2nd Amendment 

Love it, protect it, cherish it!  Without it we will become a nation beholden only to those in power.


Gun Safety

There are 4 universal gun safety rules. Learn these rules, commit them to memory, and practice them at all times.


You’re An ARMED Lady… Now What?

There are some important things to consider when choosing to arm yourself. What method of carry is for you, how often will you train.

Concealed Carry

Help in guiding you though the many choices available to you concerning how you decide to conceal carry.


Children & Guns

Information on understanding the importance of safe gun storage and gun safety in the home where children present.


Understanding Ammunition

Understanding bullet types, calibers, the components that make up a cartridge along with basic terminology.


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Bam Holsters
Crafts by Chrissie
Fancy Pants Holsters
Hide & Carry