ARMED Lady Certification
NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
NRA Personal Protection In The Home

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19th February 2016
13th May 2016
12th August 2016
4th November 2016


Price:  $595.00
Course Length – 3 Days

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Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must not have not been convicted
    of a felony.
  • Must not have been convicted of any
    offense relating to domestic violence.
  • Must not have been adjudicated by any court,
    state or federal as mentally incompetent.






 ARMED Lady Certification & NRA Instructor Workshop

ARMED Lady is pleased to announce our new 3 day instructor development workshop for women!! Everyday in America more women are purchasing handguns, they realize the need to take charge of their own personal safety and that of any loved ones in their charge.  Along with taking on this new level of awareness and self protection comes the responsibility of seeking out good quality training.  Women prefer and are more comfortable with receiving instruction from other qualified women and right now the need for female certified instructors is in high demand! Join our team and help the women in your city, town or neighborhood become safe gun owners with proficient shooting skills. 

By becoming a part of the Armed Lady team you will have access to our growing library of resources, tools and additional NRA Instructor ratings. We will promote you nationally on the Armed Lady website, social media and help you get your chapter launched and continue to support and help you grow.

Our goal is for you to be able to leave here as a Armed Lady leader and  NRA Certified Instructor equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to safely and confidently educate and empower the women in your community.  Overall we want to see you become an aware, confident and prepared ARMED Lady Leader & NRA Certified Instructor.

To top it all off, what better place for a fun filled 3 day workshop than the beautiful Emerald Coast of Pensacola Florida, train and have a mini vacation at the same time.  After class head out to the beach for some great dining and enjoy a stroll on our white sugar sand beaches.   Enjoy the salt life with us!!



Some of our Armed Lady Leaders

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