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About ARMED Lady

We have all taken notice that firearms sales have been breaking records for a few years now, and many of those purchases are now made by women who are first time gun owners. It was with this is mind that we decided to create ARMED Lady,our national Premier Shooting Chapters, and our Armed Lady store as a go to resource for women everywhere.  We know and understand your needs when it comes to all things relating to women, guns and of course accessories.

Women across America are purchasing firearms in record numbers and it doesn’t look to slow down anytime soon. In fact about a 1/3 of all purchases relating to firearms sales are now made by women who are looking to take responsibility for the safety of themselves and their families. They are realizing that in the face of an life threatening attack that they are in fact their first and best line of defense, the first responders if you will. Women are not just taking notice they’re taking action. Beyond just purchasing firearms they are seeking the training to use both firearms and less lethal alternatives to defend themselves.  Women are signing up for concealed carry and defensive shooting classes along with self defense training.

With women assuming a larger and more responsible role when it comes to their safety they become more aware of their surroundings and with their training their level of confidence builds within as they take the steps to insure through proper firearms training along with any other additional self defense classes they take that they will be able to stand their ground against a would be attacker. We all understand that a female up against a male aggressor is not typically going to win but an aware, well trained confident female will be able to take advantage of her training and tools and stop her aggressor forcefully if need be.

At Armed Lady, LLC, we offer monthly ladies firearms instruction led by women NRA Certified Instructors in a safe and comfortable environment where they can learn, practice and ask questions in a non intimidating setting. It is our goal to help women throughout America to be well armed with the knowledge, confidence and skills to protect and defend themselves. This training is offered to all ladies 18 yrs of age and older. We really have come a long way ladies and this is just the beginning of another journey/chapter in being a woman in charge of her own self protection and empowerment. Our husbands, fathers, or boyfriends can’t always be there for us and it’s a great feeling knowing that you have done all you can to be a safe, aware and confident lady!


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