Cherish and protect the 2nd Amendment,

for without it you nor your future generations

shall have no more freedom.

~S. Turner


ARMED Lady’s Commitment to the Second Amendment

Armed Lady feels strongly that if we are going to work to meet the ever-growing demand for the education and training of women with firearms that we would be remiss to not also support our right to keep and bear arms.

You are undoubtedly aware of the contingent of female gun control proponents putting themselves forth as the voice for all moms and women in general.  This is simply not true, given the fact that more women than ever are picking up arms for both hobby and self defense.  We cannot allow this small minority to make the decisions for the rest of us and steal our rights.

Women have not had, or really been offered, a voice among Second Amendment Advocates.  Even many of the female-focused gun groups out there today are reticent to be politically active when it comes to protecting our gun rights.  We believe that many of these groups may be more interested in their business than they are our rights.

At Armed Lady, we feel differently.  We will never hesitate to stand up for Second Amendment rights.  Our leaders and members are encouraged to participate in 2A politics actively ad responsibly to the extent  to which they are able and comfortable.  Many of us have personally lobbied at both state and national levels and been personally involved with legislation.

Our country is in a battle over gun rights.  The loss of these rights would destroy our mission to help women in their quest to be properly equipped and trained to protect themselves.  We have a responsibility to you to protect this right and to dismiss this would be feckless.  We hope that you will join in this endeavor.


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