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Armed Lady, LLC is a premier shooting organization offering women gun classes across United States the opportunity to join with other women like you interested in learning more about shooting, self-defense and personal protection. Shooting is our passion so whether you are an expert or beginner; every female gun enthusiasts is welcome. We are here to help guide and educate you in the areas of defense for women, conceal carry, or competitive shooting for those of you that are looking for more of a challenge as you grow in your abilities.

Armed Lady, LLC will be on the forefront bringing you techniques, education and advice from the shooting industry as it becomes available.
Our goal as an organization will be to support, encourage and teach personal responsibility in all areas of gun ownership. As women with guns we are the fastest growing segment of the population purchasing firearms today and the industry is finally taking notice.
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Armed Ladies!

As a woman being home alone at night causes anxiety and worry. There are many of us who don't get a good night's sleep when our husband or mate is not home. One of our biggest fears is that "someone might break in" and we get anxious or worse yet become paranoid from the unknown. Fear can be crippling and sometimes that particular emotion leads to irrational thoughts that can paralyze us.

Women can be compared to the lioness. Women are nurturing, trainers by design, powerful and strong yet we do not give ourselves enough credit. A lioness always knows her strength and that power gives her the ability to manage and control the environment she lives in. Women are very much the same.
If we as women limit our own selves and allow fear to control us, we give away our strength and power. When we stop agonizing in our own abilities, our true strength comes out and is revealed.

It's a man’s world!

Have you heard that before? I'm sure you have; almost everyday of your life. It seems like since we were little men were the coaches, trainers in almost everything related to sports. Women just did not play professional sports in any large capacity in years past. Thankfully this changed proved to be significant when women started to recognize that they too have abilities, strength and power.

Over the past few years, the gun industry has seen a compelling number of women purchasing firearms. The gun industry took notice and is now pursuing women by making girlie pink guns and accessories. It is now easier than ever to become involved in your own personal protection and self-defense.

It's been said many times that a firearm is the best way for a woman to defend herself against the worst case scenario. Learning to shoot a gun properly can give women a sense of empowerment, equality, sense of safety and being in control of her life.  Women by nature are not as physically strong as a man. Except if she owns a gun, and knows how to fire it. This is a powerful thing!
The Importance Of Firearms Training For Women!
Armed Lady, LLC  Mission Statement
It is the mission of ARMED Lady to provide educational resources and firearms related accessories/products to women gun owners and enthusiasts related to firearm safety and personal protection.

Our friendly, knowledgeable and professional NRA Certified Women Instructors will help inspire, educate and empower women everywhere.

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The experts believe due to women becoming increasingly independent and today's current events are playing a huge role. The rough economy and the ever popular belief in the 2nd amendment to name a few are also factors. In days past, women would rely on their husbands, boyfriends and male family members to stand along side of them when they practiced shooting. This has changed as women are emerging as the fastest growing purchasers of firearms in America.

Women have stated that shooting and owning a firearm is making a tremendous difference in their self-esteem and is helping them to realize the amount of control they have in their own personal life.
Why are women choosing to own firearms?
It is therefore important to talk about why is it so imperative for women to mentor and teach other women in the field of gun training. Women can relate to each other in a much more personal level than men can. We as women can make firearms education more relatable from a female perspective. Taking women who have never dealt with firearms through a step by step process, in an environment that is comfortable and safe while learning the proper techniques and skills can make all the difference in the world.

We believe that self-preservation is the key to take ourselves out of harms way and make us less vulnerable and more proactive. It has never been easier to get involved as it is today. Women's shooting chapters are becoming the best place to go to learn self-defense, personal protection and firearms education.

We encourage you to get involved with Armed Lady, LLC, a women's only gun education training organization. We believe it will very comforting to go through the training classes with other women. The benefits will be glorious and having the peace of mind in knowing if anything were to happen, you will be able to protect yourself and your family.
Whether, we are shopping for groceries, talking a walk, riding on a dark country road, having a gun for personal protection feels like we have a partner by our side.
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